Economic Impact


Fact Sheet

2015 Network-Wide Economic Impact Deliverables


The NJSBDC program, which is composed of 12 centers (statewide), provides services and comprehensive assistance to established small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. Impact of the program is summarized below:


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  • Counseled 4,167 clients one-on-one;


  • Delivered 16,950 total counseling hours or on average 4.1 hours per case;


  • 57% of all clients were established businesses (2,364);


  • 554 clients of NJSBDC started a new business;


  • Sponsored 508 training sessions statewide;


  • 6,509 attendees attended training seminars (on various business development/growth issues);


  • Helped small business clients create and save 16,606 jobs (1,715 created jobs/14,891 retained jobs);


  • Facilitated $73,381,922 in total financing (loans & equity) for its clients;



Note: Impact from core SBA grant, NJBAC funding, and additional grants activity; as of 2/5/16.

**        Subject to further revisions.


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