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The Association of Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs “AOWIE” Conference


The NJSBDC is partnering with

The Association of Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs

for the AOWIE Conference 2016!


Saturday, June 18th 2016 |  10:00 AM-5:00 PM


Paul Robeson Campus Center, Rutgers University

350 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Newark, New Jersey, 07102



An AOWIE conference experience is like no other, filled with music, gift raffles, prizes, professional networking, refreshments, food, grand entertainment, and of course, fun!


Esteemed speakers include: NJSBDC CEO/ State Director, Brenda B. Hopper; American actress, director, singer and dancer, Jasmine Guy; singer/songwriter, Alyson Williams; Sesame Street’s Dr. Loretta Long AKA Susan and the list continues.


Guests will also have a chance to meet and network with our AOWIE Alum, which consists of seasoned professionals ready to take your business to the next level.


AOWIE Alum include founder of AOWIE, Lisa Ascolese AKA “The Inventress”, Deborah Owens, Kimberly A. Ferguson, Jacquelyn Phillips, Tara AckawayTracey Washington Bagley, Kim Lavine, Andrea Knight, Ruth King, Gwynne Sugg, Maggie Linton and a few newcomers. Designer, Mona Stephen; Editor, Tam Laurence; Singer, Anissa Hargrove and more.


Topics of Breakout Sessions include:

  • Learn how to get your product on the shelf!
  • Plan for your financial future with financial planner.
  • Understand the importance of marketing your product.
  • Social media on with social media expert Tara Ackaway, and much more.
  • Register for the “Two Minute Elevator Pitch Competition” and pitch your protected idea or product to a Shark Tank inspired panel!
  • Elevate the success of your own business all while inspiring YOU!




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Hitting the Runway: NJSBDC Client, Copper River Salon & Spa, Rocks NY Fashion Week

Copper Day River Salon & Spa, Priceton NJ

Copper River Salon & Spa, Princeton NJ

Recently, the NJSBDC at The College of New Jersey’s client and 2015 Small Business Growth Success Award Winner, Barbara Weigand, owner of Copper River Salon & Spa, graciously welcomed us to visit her and her team at their location in Princeton, NJ.  Barbara also updated us on some really exciting new developments for her business.



So, Barbara.  How’s everything going with you?

Everything is going fantastic.


Great! Can you give us an update on what you’re doing and any recent developments?

Copper Day River Salon & Spa, Princeton NJ - Barbara Weigand, Owner, styles patron

Owner of Copper  River Salon & Spa, Barbara Weigand, styles patron

Our most recent update is we were lucky enough to go to New York Fashion Week and style hair for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Show for the Zimmerman Collection.  What an amazing designer to work for and with.  It was very well done and we had a lot of fun doing it.


That is so cool!  How long have you been doing that?

This was our first year doing the Zimmerman Show but in the past we’ve done the Couture Shows for 4 years now.


That is so awesome!  And what is going on locally?  Are you doing anything special or do you have any special promotions?

Well, we started with the Terracycle Beauty Brigade program when we opened in 2011 and I learned yesterday that we have saved over 1,500 lbs. in trash. This is trash that was saved from going to local waste, upcycled and reused for other things.


And what kind of waste were you collecting?

That’s all Beauty Brigade products.  So it’s all of our color tubes, all of the shampoo and conditioner and any kind of product containers.  We also got the local community involved to come to pick up and drop off the bins, containers and empty beauty products to help us save locally as well.

Copper Day River Salon & Spa, Priceton NJ

Copper River Salon & Spa, Princeton NJ


Awesome!  That is so cool!  So, just tell people where they can find you online and down the street.

6 Moore Street,

Princeton, NJ

Tel: 609.921.2176


We thank Barbara Weigand and the entire Copper River Salon & Spa team so much for being so gracious and welcoming to us and letting us know how and what they’re doing.




You can also read about how Barbara Weigand became 2015 Small Business Success Awardee at








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