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Is Your Business Fit for the Future? | Wed., August 31, 2016 | Holiday Inn – Clark, NJ

The Small Business Administration invites you to an exclusive Master Class that focuses on providing you with the tools that will empower your business to be one of the “survivors of the fittest”. The rules of the game of business have changed. You will have the unique opportunity to engage with experts that will navigate you through the maze of obstacles that are inevitable moving into 2017. Take advantage of this valuable Master Class that will provide you with the power to enable you to leap into your next level of success.


Wednesday, August 31, 2016  |  8:30 – 12:30pm


Holiday Inn

36 Valley Road

Clark, New Jersey 07066

Driving Directions



Featuring Keynote Speaker:

Scott N. Schober

Author, Hacked Again

President, CEO

Berkeley Varitronics Systems



Attendees can submit questions and have the opportunity to engage with experts who will provide solutions to the most common challenges businesses face today. We will also provide handouts, resources, and multiple tips on how to strategize for Fall/Winter 2016, so you can sprint into 2017.



  • Human Resources: Talent Acquisition and Retention; Legal Ramifications
  • Insurance: What do you need? Why?
  • Legal Issues: What You Need to Know to Not Get Sued
  • Financial / Accounting: What’s In or Not In Your Wallet?
  • Regulatory Compliance and Procurement: What is Your Fiduciary Liability Fitness Quotient for Your Business? Are You in the Game of Winning Contracts or Missing the Boat?
  • Business Continuity/Succession Planning: It is Not Going to Happen to Me …Until it Does.
  • Security: One Hack Could Mean the End of Your Business.


Take advantage of this opportunity to address the issues that are affecting small businesses throughout the State. Learn about best practices, new legislation, and receive valuable tips from the pros. 




Free to attend, but registration is REQUIRED.  

Space is limited.




by Jeanmarie Tenuto


For small, medium and large companies, having the fundamental basics HR processes and tools established is essential in today’s business environment. In business operations, human resources and compliance related tasks can be easily pushed to the next day if authority, concentration and accountability is not given to these obligations set by government regulatory bodies. If left ignored, small business owners as with their counterparts at medium and large companies risk fines, lawsuits, decreased productivity, potentially damaged brands and a lack of organizational structure.

According to a recently published report from ADP Top 5 Essentials for Small Business (, issues related to specific human resource regulation and compliance can be simply addressed with specific processes and procedures. Here are a few issues that can be avoided or risk reduced if some basic Human Resource rules are followed:


Wages issues According to United States of Labor eLaw – Fair Labor Standards Act Advisor “Up to $1,000 per violation for employers who willfully or repeatedly violate minimum wage or overtime pay requirements.” Learn, know and follow Federal, State, regional and local human resource compliance regulations.For education, please contact your local NJSBDC office.
The Policies and Procedures Guidelines Approximately 73% of employees between the ages of 18 to 35, reported spending time inappropriately at work each day. Design, update and keep current your company’s Policy & Employee Handbook. Make certain each employee has read it and has access to a current copy.For education, please contact your local NJSBDC office.
Performance Management 71% of U.S. Workers are not engaged” or are “actively disengaged” in their work and are “less likely to be productive.” By maintaining proper performance management measurement tools, communications and management of expectations can be aligned with each and every employee.For education, please contact your local NJSBDC office.
Effective Hiring Nearly 7 out of 10 businesses are affected by a bad hire, according to career Builder Survey. Effective hiring practices takes planning, forethought, experience, values alignment and end game planning.For education, please contact your local NJSBDC office.
Recordkeeping & Retention After a Department of Labor investigation, “A Knoxville, Tennessee restaurant agreed to pay $29,061 in back wages for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act’s minimum wage, overtime pay and recordkeeping provisions.” Be prepared for audits by maintaining a formal record keeping system.For education, please contact your local NJSBDC office.

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