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PRESS RELEASE: Internet Marketing Week Sponsored by America’s Small Business Development Centers – New Jersey

Internet Marketing Week Sponsored By America’s Small Business Development Centers – New Jersey






Intensive Coaching and Training to Assist Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

in Pitch Competition


October 17, 2016 (Newark, NJ) – The New Jersey Small business Development Centers, America’s SBDC New Jersey, is hosting a week full of intensive training and one-on-one coaching during October 17 – 20. During this period, Small Business Development Centers network Specialty E-Business Consultant and other SBDC experts as well as business Leaders (in-state and out-of-state) will be offering special advice and guidance to entrepreneurs and small business owners interested in growing their businesses. The program commences at 5 p.m. and goes through 9 p.m. each day.


The topics of examination and study include:  An assessment of participants’ websites; search engine optimization to maximize a company’s E-Presence; ensuring a good reputation online; and Internet marketing plans and reviews. The NJSBDC network team will be presenting lecture sessions from E-Business Specialty Consultant/Director Sunny Kancherla, who will address key components in an Internet Marketing campaign; Rutgers Business Professor Arturo Osorio will provide a lecture about strategic planning in relation to Internet Marketing; Marcela Zuchovicki, a consultant for NJSBDC and owner of her own business, Jalima and Associates, will lecture about synthesizing all knowledge aspects and utilizing the information in a succinct manner for better exposure.


Towards the end of the four-day session, there will be individual mock pitches on Internet marketing plans involving participants and guest pitch experts and observers present, to contribute to the program’s mission of empowering small businesses to formulate strategies to enhance their E-Business visibility and company operations. On the final day’s program agenda, closing remarks will be made by NJSBDC network executives; and the actual Pitch Competition for Internet Marketing Plans by companies and business owners participating (in the week’s learning activity) will take place. After the competition, the winners will be announced and there will be a closing ceremony.


“This particular program each year not only leads to good networking opportunities, but, it contributes to small business participants’ knowledge of steps necessary to build their business online,” said Brenda Hopper, NJSBDC network chief executive officer and state director.



“We’re incredibly grateful to our SBDC consultants and experts as well as the business leaders volunteering at this event to share their knowledge and know-how with our small business and entrepreneur participants,” added Deborah Smarth, NJSBDC network chief operating officer and associate state director.


PSE&G provided some financial support for this program. An organization called Save Latin America has also provided support for this event.


About America’s SBDC New Jersey (NJSBDC)


The New Jersey Small Business Development Centers network, one of the first pilot projects in the nation, has provided comprehensive services and programs for small business in New Jersey for 38 years; SBDC experts help businesses expand their operations, manage their growth, or start new ventures. Expert staff and practicing business consultants help small business owners and entrepreneurs to develop business plans, find financing, accounting and financial analysis, identify new markets, initiate marketing strategies, find procurement and international trade opportunities, learn green sustainability practices, commercialize technology and develop an E-commerce presence. This non-profit network, a federal-state-educational partnership, leverages funding from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the N.J. Business Action Center, the educational institutions that host the 12 centers as well as other private sponsorships and additional private/public grants. The NJSBDC Headquarters, located at the Rutgers Business School in Newark, NJ, oversees the network which is an accredited member of the national network of America’s SBDC. Up to 1,000 centers and satellite offices serve small businesses across the country, generating jobs, new businesses and economic development. Visit

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The Association of Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs “AOWIE” Conference


The NJSBDC is partnering with

The Association of Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs

for the AOWIE Conference 2016!


Saturday, June 18th 2016 |  10:00 AM-5:00 PM


Paul Robeson Campus Center, Rutgers University

350 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Newark, New Jersey, 07102



An AOWIE conference experience is like no other, filled with music, gift raffles, prizes, professional networking, refreshments, food, grand entertainment, and of course, fun!


Esteemed speakers include: NJSBDC CEO/ State Director, Brenda B. Hopper; American actress, director, singer and dancer, Jasmine Guy; singer/songwriter, Alyson Williams; Sesame Street’s Dr. Loretta Long AKA Susan and the list continues.


Guests will also have a chance to meet and network with our AOWIE Alum, which consists of seasoned professionals ready to take your business to the next level.


AOWIE Alum include founder of AOWIE, Lisa Ascolese AKA “The Inventress”, Deborah Owens, Kimberly A. Ferguson, Jacquelyn Phillips, Tara AckawayTracey Washington Bagley, Kim Lavine, Andrea Knight, Ruth King, Gwynne Sugg, Maggie Linton and a few newcomers. Designer, Mona Stephen; Editor, Tam Laurence; Singer, Anissa Hargrove and more.


Topics of Breakout Sessions include:

  • Learn how to get your product on the shelf!
  • Plan for your financial future with financial planner.
  • Understand the importance of marketing your product.
  • Social media on with social media expert Tara Ackaway, and much more.
  • Register for the “Two Minute Elevator Pitch Competition” and pitch your protected idea or product to a Shark Tank inspired panel!
  • Elevate the success of your own business all while inspiring YOU!




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The Use of Social Media to Qualify for Business Loans

By Jeanmarie Tenuto


Some prospective borrowers are voluntarily including their social media (business and personal) to financial lenders as part of the loan submission package. Although unregulated and not “officially” part of the risk analysis and evaluation process for traditional lending institutions, the power of social media profiles may strengthen (or weaken) a prospective borrower’s opportunity to get a loan.  It is important to keep in mind that all profiles are public domain and remain in perpetuity.  If you haven’t started already, now would be the perfect time to begin social media branding for yourself professionally and your business.


FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) is the credit score evaluation company whose process is used by most lenders to gauge a potential borrower’s “creditworthiness.”  Today, FICO does not include social media profiles.  In addition, all U.S.A. financial institutions must adhere to fair lending laws and other regulations which currently do not factor how social media data can be used in underwriting.  But one day, that may change.


From the perspective of consumer groups, there is a growing concern that the unregulated nature of social media and its possible practice by lenders could lead to denying loans or increasing interest rates, unfairly.  On the other hand, advocates contend that incorporating social media into the application gives new, startup businesses that lack a track record, or businesses (entrepreneurs) that have bad credit history, a way to make up for those shortcomings by providing more information.  Consider the data collected via social networks may say more about the borrower than the FICO score.


Allowing lenders’ access to social media accounts may improve the chances of approval by providing more data points to the lender.  The use of social media in underwriting may grow over time and this is how you can best prepare for it today:


Social Media is a marketing tool for personal and professional branding.


Social media allows you the opportunity to communicate your expertise and the company.


The information that should be perfect on social media includes:

  • Name, address, name of business, job title, etc. are consistent across all social media sites.
  • Launch the social media accounts soon after the business launch so it corroborates the time in business.
  • Increase social media connections personally and for the business profiles.
    • Target type of connections of quality and seniority.
  • Monitor the ratings and reviews of the business.
    • Develop buzz about the business, its products and services on social media sites.
    • Interaction with customers on social media should be often and well communicated. Manage conversations and complaints. All questions should get a response.

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