2015 Success Awardee (Northwest Jersey): Silk Road Treasure Tours

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Zulya Rajabova, founder of Silk Road Treasure Tours, initially came to NJSBDC of Northwest Jersey in January, 2008 with a dream of opening a boutique travel and tour business to her beloved Central Asia. This was the year of our economic recession that caused many small businesses to fail, but she believed in the viability of her vision and persistently pursued it. Later that year, Zulya attended the NJSBDC Success Awards Luncheon and said it was her dream to someday be honoured here and today she has achieved that goal. From the very beginning, Zulya has exhibited the best in entrepreneurial traits of a highly successful business woman: vision, dedication, persistence, financial acumen and exceptional customer service.

Since 2008, Silk Road Treasure Tours has developed into a successful, highly-respected tour company that has received much acclaim in the travel community. Condé Nast Traveler® magazine has twice awarded Zulya the title, Top Travel Specialist for Central Asia. She has been featured on BBC Travel, and in some of the country’s best known travel resources: The New York Times, The Boston Globe, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle, Travel Agent and Recommend.

One of the most amazing accomplishments of Silk Road Treasure Tours is that its growth has been entirely self-funded through the judicious management of its offerings, careful attention to working capital and cash flow. When she needs additional assistance, she turns to her trusted business advisors at Northwest NJSBDC and then implements strategies to assure continued growth and success. She is recognized in the travel industry as an ardent tour operator and enthusiastic participant in educational projects.

Rajabova’s marketing strategy has been to educate the public about Central Asia, its history, culture and people. As such, she has lectured at many prominent venues, including: Columbia University, New York University, the Asia Society, the American Museum of Natural History, the United States Department of Commerce, The New York Times Travel Show, the United Nations, and Central Asian consulates. In October 2015, she made a much acclaimed presentation on the Silk Road at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC.

Realizing early on that business success is created through staff and partnerships that reflect the owner’s values, Zulya has assembled a caring administrative staff, a trained/dedicated cadre of multilingual, professional, licensed tour guides and local specialists for all of the destinations in her travel portfolio. Members of her team in the U.S. and abroad understand and deliver the high level of service that travelers expect. Zulya’s in-depth knowledge and long-standing “insider” relationships with hoteliers, restaurateurs, and travel professionals throughout Central Asia ensure a perfect itinerary and a seamless journey for her Silk Road travelers.

Journeys with Silk Road Treasure Tours go far beyond sight-seeing. They are the result of in-depth knowledge and creative planning by a talented woman gifted in the art of travel and imbued with impeccable business acumen.



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IMAGE CREDIT: Anthony Alvarez Photography, LLC